We do not only protect our clients but also

our community and our planet.



Evergreen Latex is a family owned and run business which focuses on the manufacture and supply of latex and nitrile gloves in the most sustainable and eco-friendly manner possible.

We were established in 1992 as South Africa’s first medical glove manufacturer with only 20 employees. Over the years we have been fortunate to see the company grow to around 120 employees as well as expanding our product offering to over 200 different medical disposables. While the core of our business is manufacturing and supplying gloves, we also source additional medical disposable items required by our clients.

Family and women in the workforce are very important to us which is why most of our staff are female and many of them have been with us for multiple generations seeing their children and grandchildren follow in their footsteps. Our staff are often the breadwinners for their families so providing a stable work environment for them is one of our top priorities.

Evergreen Latex Team


Our Team

Our team members really are the magic behind our success. Here are a few highlights of some of our incredible team members.

Annah Moshaahlama Matloga

Annah Moshaahlama Matloga

Annah has been with us since the beginning in 1992. Throughout the years Annah has shown great pride in what she does and her attention to detail and quality are outstanding which is why she is one of our quality controllers.

France Hlengane Khoza

France Hlengane Khoza

France has been responsible for keeping our factory and machinery in optimal operating conditions since joining our team in 2007.

Asanda Yapi

Asanda Yapi

An all-rounder in the packaging department, Asanda was the first packaging machine team leader we appointed at Evergreen Latex. Asanda has been a part of our team since 2011.

Moipane Merriam Nchbeleng

Moipane Merriam Nchbeleng

Moipane is a fiercely loyal and dedicated quality controller and has been with us through all the ups and downs since joining us 2011.



Noko is a man of very few words but has been working diligently with Simon and learning from him since 2006.

Simon Tshaboyo Molodi

Simon Tshaboyo Molodi

Simon was the first chemical mixer that was trained at Evergreen Latex in 1998. Today, he is our production machine operator.

Our Promise

Community Icon_Green
We pledge 1% of our profit to NPO’s who help our community

We take pride in being involved in the welfare of the people in our community by donating to clinics, creches, old age homes and training centers around our business to assist in improving the living conditions of the younger generation so that they can get an education and have a brighter future.

Biodegradable Icon_Green
To contribute to environmental suitability, we use biodegradable materials and renewable energy

Our products are made from latex which is a natural product so it can decompose without any negative impact on the environment. Our new plant makes use of solar power and wastewater treatment facilities to make our manufacturing process more sustainable and limiting waste production.




We will show that we care by listening, understanding, and acting on our customer’s and colleague’s concerns.



We will communicate clearly, openly, honestly, and respectfully with our customers and our colleagues. We will ask whether they understand before assuming they do.


We will each be accountable for our actions and will never blame others for our mistakes.


We will go the extra mile to provide for our customers and our colleagues. 

*Neela is a Tshwane word which means “to give”.


We are professional through setting high standards and achieving them. Our attitude positively influences our customers and our colleagues.


We help others without any reasons and give without expecting anything in return.


We are proud to work for the company and proud of our work and the achievements of the team.



We will treat people how they want to be treated.



We will make small daily improvements within ourselves and our work, which will result in big future achievements.